A One Man Circus.


As you are aware, I am a line judge, no management function. My cases include easy pieces as well as complex ones. I adjudicate and give verdicts. This is what a judge does – whether in civil or in criminal court or in any other – this is what a judge shall do. And for many judges, a day, a week or a month are too short, while they try to manage all these 700, 800 or 900 cases at the cost of their family life and their leisure time. And such number of cases is nothing unusual for district civil courts in Warsaw. This is very hard work.

Fortunately, we can find amongst us the extraordinary personalities, raising high above the grey mass of average judges. Here I think of those judges, who – using their outstanding skills – are simply unrivalled example of the ability of connecting the unconnectable.

Not long time ago, Przemysław Radzik was just the average judge of District Court in Krosno Odrzańskie, small town on the PL-DE border, adjudicating his daily batch of cases.

Judge Radzik today is:

– deputy disciplinary prosecutor for common courts judges

– member of the team supporting the activities of the Ministry of Justice in disciplinary cases of judges and assessor-judges

– President of the District Court in Krosno Odrzańskie

– judge seconded to adjudicate in Regional Court in Warsaw

– member of the commission managing the advocates’ exam

How does the judge manage all these activities? I have absolutely no idea, but I am amazed, considering how much energy and zeal he does put in performing the duty of the main hunter of dissident judges.


Delighted in the talent of the great Louis de Funes and the art of his disciplined dancers, I just think that it wouldn’t work with the judges….

Somehow we have no interest in dancing to disciplinary prosecutor and his deputies tones…

Why? Because our reference points are the Constitution and the law interpreted according to the Constitution, rather than the will of the ruling party or wishes of Minister Ziobro, who made judge Radzik:

– the president of the court (with less cases to adjudicate and additional remuneration)

– the deputy disciplinary prosecutor (also additional remuneration and less cases to adjudicate)

– the member of the examining committee (also with decent remuneration)

And what are the reference points for you, judge Radzik?

I do not know, but surely your understanding of the benefit of judiciary contradicts relevant  understanding of judges, whose daily duties focus on adjudicating – the activity they were nominated to perform.


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