No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

As we learned from unforgettable Monty Python Flying Circus, “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition”. They can attack us in any place, any time and for whatever reason. However, British comedians’ perverse humour amuses me less and less the recent days. Even brilliant in its absurdity theme of inquisition clerics hurrying to court in an urban bus, in recent months somehow seems more real to me,

Given the fact, that the disciplinary prosecutor Schab and his relentless deputies: Radzik and Lasota, consider that the meaning of their function (received from minister Ziobro’s nomination) is:

  • to harass judges simulating court hearings for the youth,
  • prosecution of judges sending pre-judiciary queries to ECJ,
  • chasing those villains, who dare to prepare the dissident resolutions at the assemblies of judge’s self-government (‘dissident’ meaning disliked by the one nominating Schab, Radzik and Lasota) ,

the situation becomes funny, on one side, and scary, on the other.

Trying to guess the wicked paths taken by the thoughts of disciplinary prosecutors, I got to the conclusion that the reason for so exhausting (cause it’s not so easy to prosecute tens or even hundreds of dissident judges) activities is just one:

Allowing the critics.

When critical opinions regarding the only right actions of the minister and National Council of Judiciary emerge (as we can suppose, allowing the critics does not make disciplinary prosecutor and his deputies happy) and simultaneously the judges directly express their lack of enthusiasm towards undermining of judicial independence by politicians, the Spanish Inquisition can appear at any time.




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